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Do you ever wonder if you have what it takes to get in the best shape of your life... and stay there?

Do you follow people on social media that seem to just stay on track with their goals and never waver year after year? How do they stay committed when so many of us are constantly restarting?

What’s the secret?

I’ll tell you what the secret is…

Almost 12 years ago, I was a stressed-out mama with 3 small children to manage (8, 2, newborn).

…Overwhelmed with life, stressed, no energy, lack of confidence, not comfortable in my skin, not sure what to do to workout. To make a long story short -- I was stretched thin mentally and stressed out.

Exercise would have been a game changer for me emotionally at that time, but I was thinking, “I had these babies! I have a mom body now!” The idea of working out to look a certain way for someone else (my then husband encouraged it for that reason) irritated me.

I didn’t grasp yet how exercise could be FOR me and my well-being and how it could have been helping me cope with my busy mom life.

I didn’t know what was possible for me.

I didn’t have the belief that I could be in shape as a mom. I continued to use being a mom as an excuse for not taking care of myself. I settled into my excuses. (Not enough time, no child care, I will never have that body; I’ve had babies, my genetics….)

Eventually I decided to join a gym with childcare, honestly, for a little break from my kids. It was there that started to see what was possible for me as I watched other busy women model the fitness lifestyle.

But I didn't seek out a coach or learn how to go about it in a healthy way then. I just stumbled through on my own, and when I reached a weight loss goal I thought would satisfy me, I realized I wasn't healhty and strong. I wanted to learn to do better... to develop a lasting fitness lifetsyle.

I decided to learn to workout properly and to learn to eat well to support a healthy lifestyle. Taking the time to really learn what to do changed my life. I began to gain confidence. I began to love feeling strong. I felt empowered in other areas of my life all because I felt great and powerful in my skin.

Often, when I tell my story, I say next, “And the rest is history.” But that has been misleading. Yes, I did step into a healthy lifestyle then, but there were (and ARE still) plenty of ups and downs. Getting in shape is one thing. Choosing to make it last a lifetime... and finding new ways to stay motivated is another.

But the secret is…

Life happens. Crazy busy summers happen. Things that I can’t ever plan for derail me for a time. This is true for all of us no matter how committed to a healthy lifestyle we are. Life happens.

Eventually you WILL fall off track.

I did.

I still do for periods of time.

You’ll get busy and forget to make yourself and your workouts a priority. You’ll sometimes forget it’s about well-being and want to quit. You’ll feel guilty or depressed and forget that exercise helps you mentally too.

Life will happen and you’ll get sidetracked.

You'll be searching for something new to motivate you.

What happens then? What happens when you stop taking care of you for too long?

Back to stress.

Back to low energy.

Back to taking steps backwards when it comes to your health.

Back to not feeling confident or happy in your skin.

Back to settling into excuses.

We will all fall off track from time to time.

The secret to living a long term healthy lifestyle is not to figure out how to be perfect.

The secret is to set yourself up for success with a plan and mindset that motivates you to get back on track (sometimes again and again) long term. learn to workout effectively find support and a like-minded community learn to let the goal of long term health and wellness motivate you

That’s what Val’s Gals Online Training Group is designed to do.

To teach you how to reach your goals, whether you are a beginner or are ready to up-level your fitness.

To coach you in a way that motivates you to stay on track.

And to do it all in a way that understands life happens with doable workouts designed for busy women.

Are you ready…

to gain the confidence you need to live your fullest life?

to feel strong, healthy and energetic now and as you age?

for accountability, motivation, and a plan a busy woman like you can follow

…no matter what your schedule, your starting point fitness level, or where you need to work out?

for me, Val Solomon, to show you how I’ve managed to stay fit and balanced for a decade with 4 kids and lots of life happening?

You can do this plan.

You can be a part of this group.

I’ll meet you where you are (beginner or advanced) and help you get to your next level.

What is Val’s Gals?

  • Val’s Gals is an online training program where you will be working closely with me through an app and a Facebook group in which I’ll take you through a 4 phase exercise program including strength training, new and interesting workouts, cardio techniques and guidelines, and nutrition education.

  • Learn to workout to build a strong and lean body that will help you get fit and feel great and energetic now, but also stay fit and healthy for the long term as you age.

  • Learn proper form and stretching and warm up techniques to keep you moving well long term.

Will This Program Work For me?

  • This program is for busy women ready to focus on themselves for 45min a day 3 days a week (plus bonus extra days as your schedule allows) and finally feel empowered to get fit and healthy for life.

  • Program can be done at home or at the gymYou will choose which program you’d like to follow.

  • Home Equipment Needed if working out at home: A set of resistance bands with a door attachment, hand weights, a stability ball

  • Program is for beginners AND more advanced women. You will choose which program (beginner or advanced) you’d like to start with.

  • Nutrition will be taught using the Busy Mom Gets Fit of approach of balance and choice. We'll talk about eating enough protein to see results and the correct calorie range for your goals. You'll have access to a meal plan you can choose to follow, but the ultimate goal is to teach you to eat what you love and make it work long term. You'll learn macro counting concepts, but also learn a more balanced approach is best for a lifetime of health and wellness.

4 progressive workout phases:

Stay motivated and on track all year as all members of Val's Gals progress through 4 workout phases together.


A strength building phase “Gym Queen Confidence” where we will focus on building strength, perfecting exercise form to build confidence and avoid injury, and gaining confidence in any area lacking it. Cardio guidance included. While we can focus on getting leaner also during this phase, I want the primary focus to be on learning to love your power and strength.


Uplevel your workouts “Ignite Your Power” where we will learn more exercises to push your workouts to the next level and continue to grow strength and leanness. Cardio guidance included.


Shred Phase “Spring Burn” where we will introduce strength training and exercise techniques to burn fat and build muscle like HIIT and new circuits. Cardio guidance included.


“Hot HIIT Summer” Phase where we will focus of quick effective workouts to burn fat, stay strong, but also survive the craziness of summer with travel and kids. Cardio guidance included.

How it Works

Workouts are delivered to your phone

in an interactive app.


Each exercise has video instruction


Track stats and workouts


Connect to other fitness apps like MyFitnessPal and FitBit


Track your progress

Join the Val's Gals Private Facebook Group

...for extra coaching from Val and team and to interact with other like-minded women doing the same workout plan as you. This is a community of women you will love having on your side and rooting you on!

More Details!

  • Workouts (new workouts monthly - new progressive phase quarterly) will be delivered to you via a interactive app.

  • You’ll be able to check in to your workouts, watch videos for how to do each movement, track your exercise progress, etc. and even message me with questions.

  • You’ll be invited to an interactive Facebook group for all of Val’s Gals worldwide.

  • Possible in person free workout meet ups for those in my area or those who want to travel in.

  • Surprise incentives to succeed!

  • Diet plan included to teach my concept of eating that you can do for life!

What you need to have to do the workouts:

Plans & Pricing



  • 4 Progressive Training Phases
  • Interactive App
  • Accountability Group & Coaching
  • Build Confidence & Live Healthy & Fit for Life
  • Home or Gym, you'll get to pick your program
  • Beginner or More Advanced, you'll get to pick which program you start with
  • Flexibility and Ease for Busy Women



Save $180

  • 4 Progressive Training Phases
  • Interactive App
  • Accountability Group & Coaching
  • Build Confidence & Live Healthy & Fit for Life
  • Home or Gym, you'll get to pick your program
  • Beginner or More Advanced, you'll get to pick which program you start with
  • Flexibility and Ease for Busy Women

Refund policy: Refunds are accepted within 7 days of initial program purchase. Cancellation on monthly payment plans requires a 30 days notice. There are no pro-rated refunds for the yearly paid in full plan after the initital 7 days.

Val's Gals programs are customized by fitness level and gym or home workouts but not individually customized for specific needs beyond that. I have a 100% custom program for those with special circumstances, fitness competitors or those aspiring to be a competitor in the next 6 months, or those that desire a more custom approach. Email [email protected] to inquire.

What People said about Previous Programs

"Valerie’s programs are so easy to follow, no matter your fitness level. They are expertly crafted to maximize your efforts, no matter what your goals. I started this program for me, but it felt pretty good for my husband, a lifetime fitness enthusiast, to tell me, “you have some bad ass triceps.” -Jessica

“To walk into a gym with a MISSION and a PLAN is POWER. That's what Busy Mom Gets Fit plans have done for me.” -Sarah

“Prior to starting Busy Mom Gets Fit's training plan, I had a constant fear of weightlifting. I didn't want to hurt myselffrom lack of education. Only doing cardio wasn't giving me the results I wanted, but I also didn't feel confident enough to walk into a gym without paying for a trainer to be my personal guide. Val's plan put me to ease. Her constant encouragement and well planned outprogram made me feel like I had a personal trainer that looked after me even though she was miles and miles away.” -Natalie

Enrolling NOW for 7 days only!